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Here you can try our Happyslider. Just drag the slider ;-)
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Lets address
the elephant
in the room.

Lets face it, everybody hates surveys!
Question upon question seem to stack up, they look ugly and are a usability freakshow!

So why not make it more fun and enjoyable for you and mostly for your respondents?

Your respondents have a fun and unique way to answer your questions and express their real emotions & sentiment, which results in better and more responses and of course ultra high completion rates.

Whether you want to know what your customers think or how your employees feel, Happyslider is the tool for you!

Hold on to your chair!

Well, forget surveys! Here is Happyslider!
And it is turning the world of how you collect emotions & sentiment upside down.

Happyslider is mobile first and browser based.
Ultra light and fast!

No app download is required and everything works seamlesly with any device. Even with slow connections.

Just invite your respondents and let them answer whatever you ask them, from the palm of their hands! They can even add photos and videos to their responses.

We make it entertaining, while you collect the data you want.

Happyslider makes everybody happy ;-)

Higher Response Rates

Higher Completion Rates

More accurate data

Create a Happyslider in minutes and invite your customers!

No time consuming setup or steep learning curve. Yes! We also made it fast and fun for you. ;-)


Create unlimited (personalised) Happysliders and directly start campaignes tailored for any device.


You can invite any way you want! With (e.g.) text messages (SMS), e-mail or personalized print and QR codes. Or just create personalized short happy url's to use with 3rd parties.

Enriched data

Have realtime insights per respondent, group or Happyslider. Collect the data you want and export it for futher analysis. Use the data the way you want!

Visual data?

Well yes! Happyslider lets your respondents add photos and videos to their responses. And since we're mobile first, belief us they will! Just think of the possibilities! Now you can actually see and hear what your respondents are thinking.